About Us

StreamLine TimberFrame weaves together timeless design techniques and traditional craftsmanship to deliver a home or structure that is beautiful, livable and meets budget parameters set forth by our clients.

IMG_2927ALOWOne of the keys to a successful home building process is good decision making. To make good decisions you need good information. We start this process by taking the time to really listen to our clients to get a complete picture and understanding of the dream. Then we focus on interpreting that dream into precise design. By doing so, you get quality information about aesthetic design and construction budgets much earlier than normal. As a result, you are able to make informed decisions before you have invested too much time or money. This makes for a much smoother process for everyone and a home that meets your needs and actualizes your dreams. Take a minute or two to learn more about us and you’ll see one thing is clear, we are anything but business as usual.